Medicated (Live in rehearsal)


Rob Hillfield acoustic gig on Dec 7th

Hi there.. just a quick note to say I am delighted to have been invited to play a lovely Christmassy acoustic gig, with Darren Hayman, at the Betsey Trotwood in Farringdon, on December 7th. I’m gonna do a couple of Hillfields/Wyrd Interactions/old songs and will be the opening act.

Darren Hayman / Enderby’s Room / Owl & Mouse complete the bill

Hope you can make it.

We’re on a Geographical Hiatus..

Since Carlos has relocated back to his home town in Argentina, The Hillfields are drummerless and the remaining duo have been seduced by synthesisers and demonic remixes – so things are in a state of flux at the moment with no formal The Hillfields activities planned for the time being. Thanks so much for your support and we’ll be back soon in some form or other.

However, we’re not sitting around doing nowt.

Grant Hillfield is busy taking photos, building ukes, electronic noise boxes and is making friends with Dark Time and MicroKorgs, and you can follow his diy projects at danjec, his noises are there, and his films somewhere else.
There is some amazing creativity going on there and he also has a video page at Vimeo which you should check out:

Carlos Hillfield is also ever present on Soundcloud and Labtones, and keeping us briefed on the differences (and sometimes the lack of them) between london living and buenos aires

Rob Hillfield is also on Soundcloud and Labtones where you can listen to various works in progress for a long player sometime later in the year, going by the working title “Departure Point”. He’s also recorded a chilled out version of The Hillfields song “Down on You”, which you can stream on both sites. He’s been filming too, over on Vimeo

So that’s the news folks, keep checking back for updates !

a january song

rob hillfield, drawn by darren hayman, during the recording of January Songs

we’ve done our bit today with Darren Hayman, as part of his January Songs project, where he’s written, recorded and released a new song every day. our contribution, Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Girl is available to download for about 24 hours, or to be checked out for ages on SoundCloud. there’s also a little video that Darren made to go with it.


we’ve also got a new gig to let you know about, possibly our last, at 93 Ft East in London, on Wednesday 16 February. probably not one to miss, so do come on down… more details to follow

two oh! one one…

We’ve been pretty quiet since Indietracks. It was an honour for us to be the opening band in the Shed, and just plain brilliant to finally make it to the festival. Indietracks is a perfect model for festivals – small enough to be manageable, a great bar, and lots of fun to be had on the trains as well as on the stages. It was quite something for us to be on stage and watch the Shed fill up as we played. We finally met Roque, who put out our first EP, “A Visit” on Cloudberry Records, and got lots of nice feedback (we were delighted by the Drowned in Sound review of the weekend) – only downside was Grant ending up with a ripped thumb and blood all over his bass (as Jimmy McGee said, ‘putting the punk back into twee’).

We did manage one new song since the summer, which appeared on the WIAIWYA christmas compilation, “Christmastime, approximately” – we’ve got five copies to give away, ready for chrimbo 2011 – just email us and tell us where Carlos comes and the first five will have a copy in the post.

Our Come Outside EP is nearly sold out. Something like 8 copies left and then that’s it. It’s a nice feeling.

We’re starting 2011 helping out Darren Hayman on his amazing January Songs project, where he writes and records a song every day for the month of January. We’re up on Sunday 23rd – wish us luck! After that, we’re back in the rehearsal rooms at Antenna Studios to write a bundle of new songs, with the idea of having an album ready for the end of the year.

Happy new year to all you good people from us three Hillfields…

bloody fingers… and then indietracks!!

so we had a right royal blast on Saturday at Notting Hill Arts Club/RoTA, beautifully lead astray by Trev from Odd Box. We were particularly pleased to make the acquaintance of The Sequins, and loved the noise (all the way from Japan) of The Monorals. Both Rob and Grant ended with bloody fingers, Rob’s amp blew up again (!), and Carlos started with a bad back… we filmed the gig, so might be some video some time….

and we’ll be bandaged up for opening Indietracks indoor festival on Saturday. To say we’re excited would be a serious understatement…

and if you haven’t already, pop over to the Underused Records shop and pick up a copy of the Come Outside EP.